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Raphael February 02, 2014 0 Comment

Part of being successful is making the necessary sacrifice’s to get there. One of the worst thing’s people can do is let a habit or a bad trait stop them from being successful or getting to where they want to be. People have different goals, for an obese person who want’s to stop gaining weight, then all excess food has to be sacrificed; reason being they want to loose the wait so if they real want it then that sacrifice has to be made.

For most young people these day’s sacrifice’s will be hard, no doubt about that but if you really want something and it requires you to sacrifice something then so be it! I’ve spoken to other young people like myself and asked them do you want to be successful and most of them all say yes, then I ask them what is stopping you? A few told me it was laziness or they don’t have time. You will make time for something you want to do!!! So if you do not make time for something that will help you to be successful (cutting out video games, sleep, outings) then you will stay in the same position forever!

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