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Nike Huaraches

Raphael February 02, 2014 0 Comment

A variety of Nike Huarache’s just landed! The only problem is, they’re exclusive to Foot Locker’s European, which means that you’re going to need a foreign friend if your from another country and you want to try to get your hands on a pair. Of course this is nothing new for fans of the Huarache’s as they keep up to date so you should too! You are now able to customize your own pair making it look how you want it to look in your own image, but of course this comes with a certain amount of money  to do so. However they’re aren’t a lot of Huarache’s left in stock due to the demand for them is crazy, so the best way to get yours is to order them rather than visiting your local store as it could be sold out. Furthermore, Nike Huarache’s are the top trending at the moment compared to other brands as they have a high demand leading to everyone having a high courtesy into wanting to purchase a pair. Nike definitely started 2014 with a big bang! More feed coming from ADS, stay tuned in.

Here are a few shot’s of a customized pair of Huarache’s and a classic pair made in the year 2003, CRAZY!


Customize your Huarache’s and be different!

Written By: Pierre Bertin

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