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2013 is Done

Raphael December 12, 2013 0 Comment


How can we sum up the year of 2013?

This year of 2013 has defiantly been an experience; the world lost a great leader Nelson Mandela who fought for the justice of the people. Kim Kardashian had a baby… for Kanye west. Beyonce dropped an unexpected album which caused such uproar. The horse meat scandal (for those who know what I’m talking about) and twitter became a wild place.

For me it’s been a year of breakthroughs, a year where I have lost and I gained, a year where I learnt a few lessons and was able to teach others a few. This year was tough; I’ll admit that but I defiantly came out stronger than before. There were times I wanted to just give up but where would that had taken me?

No where, that’s where.

If you feel like giving up because there’s too much stress and no one to fall on… don’t. You’re on your way to something great, don’t stop now.

I’m sure most of us reflect on the year to figure out where we went wrong and the different areas which we can improve but how many really change or want to make a change?  To be very honest, why wait till the New Year to change, why not make a change the moment you’ve pinpointed the problem?  It’s either you’re scared or changing or there isn’t enough motivation around you to want to make that move to change something.  If you have a resolution, work on it in silence, if others notice, you my friend are doing something right.

If you experienced things going a bit down hill for you, you either need to check yourself or other people around you. What kind of things are you saying to your situation, are you saying positive things or negative?  You may be thinking: ‘what’s that got to do with anything’ it has everything to do with anything. Positive confessions always Say good things, you see goods things, you say negative… don’t be surprised when they begin to happen. Are you around the right people to motivate you to do more than well or do the people around you bring you down without you even realising it?

Let the year of 2014 count a lot, what you didn’t get to do this year… work on it and make it happen for real. Always aim high, no matter what your circumstances believe in yourself and make it work, dream big, without dreams where would you desire destination from? And stay fly, life’s too short not to treat yourself and look good.

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