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Ice Future

Raphael February 02, 2014 0 Comment

At ADS we try to encourage every young person to chase their dreams and to do what they love! So we met up with young business man TJ Ajose; TJ is a 17 year old from South East London who is currently doing his A-Levels.

TJ told us about a brand he has just started called Ice Future. At first we were a bit worried for TJ due to the fact that the fashion industry is a very hard and competitive industry but after he explained to us the background to this brand it looks like he will progress on well!

“The aim of ‘Ice Future’ is to bring quality to street-wear” – This is a quote TJ always says which is where you can see that this is no normal brand; this is a brand where hundreds of pounds and hard work has been put in to make quality street-wear.


image    image(1)

A few snapshots of what looks like is going to be a successful street-wear brand!

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